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The highly-experienced team at gem casino travel has been handling casino marketing for distinguished high-level players for over 25 years. We know how to get things done.


Everyone hears of or knows about Casino Complimentaries or “Comps” but even some of the most experienced casino guests are in the dark about how the casinos arrive at their decision on how much of a comp any given customer qualifies for. The casino industry is a business like any other and the bottom line is profitability. As licensed Junket representatives we are able to provide your room, meals, etc. “comped” or at a special casino rate based on your play. If you are a minimum $50.00 table player or a $1.00 slot player we may be able to offer you comps up front! Complimentaries are based on your average bet plus hours played on the table games or the amount of coin that you put through a machine. Casino comps are not based on win/loss but rather on the “action” you give the casino. The ultimate decision on comps is based on the host Casino, but as a Gem Casino Travel customer we do represent you even after the trip! 

Image by Michał Parzuchowski

"Ok, but what ARE comps?"

A comp is a reduced room rate or a meal. Sometimes it is a free stay in the casino’s hotel. A comp that is described as RFB means that the casino is giving you free room (R), food (F) and beverage (B). “Comps” or complimentaries should be looked at as if they were intangible discounts. Comps are not gifts. Can you picture a casino giving you a gift? Get real!

A comp usually takes the form of a chit that you take to the coffee shop or the buffet and hand to the hostess who gives it to the waitress. The comp shows them that the casino is paying for your meal and one or two drinks.

A comp is given to you because the casino wants you to play in their casino. They are not given to you because they like you. They may, in fact, like you, but, and I’m sorry to burst your bubble, they like, and want, your money more. So, if you are comped look on it as a reward for your play at the tables and in anticipation of your future play. If you budgeted $500 for the weekend for you and your wife as follows: $300 room, $200 food; and the hotel gave you casino rates (one-half off), which is a type of comp, a chit for lunch at the coffee shop one day ($25) and the buffet for dinner another ($25) think of it as having received discount certificates for $200.


It’s just like those super market coupons that you get in the Sunday paper.

Casinos are willing to “Comp” a player for anything may it be for lunch in the coffee shop to a complimentary room right on up to a Penthouse Suite & a Lear Jet in order to bring the customer in to the casino. Make no mistake; the casino wants to comp you for anything they can as long as you qualify for that complimentary based on a number the casinos call a “Theoretical Casino Win”.

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